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WE SPEAK! Academy is a 12-week public speaking academy for youth grades 7-12. We use practical in class presentations and speaker training from renowned national speakers and certified trainers to help our students excel at the art of oration and effective advocacy. 


"Activating The Voice Of A Generation"


To equip our youth with the skills of oratory and advocacy to effectively enact change in the world today. 

 “oratory” refers to the art of public speaking

 "advocacy"1 : the profession or work of an advocate. 2 : the action of advocating, pleading for, or supporting a cause or proposal. 

Students will learn

  • How to find their unique voice in a noisy world 
  • How to be heard effectively through powerful speech delivery and verbal communication
  • The art of storytelling in speech writing to engage your audience
  • How speaking is used for effective advocacy 
  • Skills of body language, diction, and articulation

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Now enrolling students for the launch of the summer 2018 inaugural class!