The Power Of The Pen 8-Week Creative Writing Course curriculum utilizes a project-based learning model with activities to measure milestones of writing development and social/emotional learning through creative writing. This course can be completed in 8-week sessions with 1 session per week or 4 week sessions with 2 sessions per week. Each session counts for one hour of instructional time. Contact us for more info and a curriculum outline for your school or youth organization. 

  • For students grades 7-12
  • Project based learning
  • Used National English Language Arts standard rubric 
  • Available in class or online

Power Of The Pen Creative Writing Students will learn

  • The basics of creative writing as an outlet of expression to social/emotional challenges 
  • Practice creative writing styles such as journaling, fictional stories, poetry, letter writing, blogging and digital writing
  • The impact and power of writing within the history of social justice and human rights
  • How to write letters to local elected officials to advocate for civic issues that matter to them
  • How to use writing to lead and advocate for the peers to stand against bullying and other issues effecting their schools and community

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