Talk Up Atlanta Public Schools: Writing Our Wrongs Stands with CSKYWLA to say “Not In My School”

Read more about the message Writing Our Wrongs Founder, Melissa D. White, shared with fearless students of Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy as they kicked off their first “Not In My School” Week to stand in solidarity against bullying. 


The Good Works Show- Good Will of North Georgia

Writing Our Wrongs, Inc. interview on The Good Works Radio Show hosted by The Good Will of North Georgia. Hear how Writing Our Wrongs combats bullying by working with youth to help them find outlets to communicate. 

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Gather Good Atlanta- Writing Our Wrongs Hands The Power Of The Pen To Youth Advocates

Read more from Gather Good and their interview with W.O.W. on "Writing Our Wrongs Hands The Power Of The Pen To Youth Advocates"

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Charity Girl Problems Spotlight Series: Writing Our Wrongs for National Bullying Prevention Month

Charity Girl Problems, an online platform that focuses on sharing the stories of women who use their talents and pursue their passion to give back. Author and Charity Girl, Brooke Marston, interviews Writing Our Wrongs Founder Melissa D. White to create awareness of our cause during Bullying Prevention Month. In honor of Bullying Awareness Month, we’ve teamed up with Paul Mitchell for a giveaway with their new line, Neon, which is dedicated to taking a stand against bullies.