cardsMission: Empowering Youth to Activate Their Voice Through Writing and Speech.

Motto: Write the Change. Speak the Change. Be the Change.


Q. What is the purpose of the pledge?

A. The purpose of our pledge is true to our mission, “Empowering Youth to Activate Their Voice Through Writing and Speech.” It is an affirmation to help speak confidence in youth that their words have power. It is also designed to help them see that writing and speech is a constructive form of self-expression when they use these tools to overcome anger and oppression from social injustice, bullying or any wrongs they my experience. Our goal to offer writing and speech as a solution to “Writing Our Wrongs.”

Q. What do I do once I sign the pledge card?

A. Once you read and sign the pledge card, we encourage you to share a picture of your pledge to social media and tag it with #WriteItSpeakIt to spread the message of Writing Our Wrongs. You can also tag your friends, fellow educators, youth advocates and supports to join the movement by ordering pledge cards and posting their pledge.

Q. How can we implement this pledge in our program, youth group or organization?

A. We offer two workshop options to activate the gifts of writing and speech for your school or youth group. “Power of the Pen” is a writing workshop where we will teach youth the importance how to spread kindness by writing a positive message to someone else. We also teach how to write letters to their local officials, the importance of journaling for self-expression and we deliver our W.O.W. Pledge Cards to sign and share. (1-Hour Workshop/Facilitation)

We also offer “Write It. Speak It.” Which is a workshop designed to teach speech writing and structure the delivery of a 3-5 minute speech. This includes pens, pledge cards, and a worksheet with resources to help develop skills for public speaking. We will also deliver our W.O.W. Pledge Cards to sign and share. (2-Hour Workshop. Hour 1- Writing/Hour 2- Speaking)