Book Club Book Drive- Feb. 7th-28th

Join Writing Our Wrongs, Inc. for a book club drive in support of the Georgia DJJ Student Book Club. We are partnering with the Future Mountain Movers and National Women of Achievement to collect book donations through the month of February. Please see the attached book list of preferred books for DJJ students. Our goal is to collect 15 copies of each book on the reading list below.

(*Books must be soft copy books.)

DJJ Book Club Book List


Ways to Donate:

Mail Books to Writing Our Wrongs, Inc.

3645 Marketplace Blvd. #130-44 Atlanta, GA 30344


Donation Drop Off- Southwest Library- Sat. February 17th 3pm-4pm

3665 Cascade Rd, Atlanta, GA 30331

Click Here For Book List:

DJJ Book Club Book List